Saturday, March 02, 2013



HI HI! SORRY................

Again, I apologize for the long wait. I promise the Phuket posts will be up soon (really!!!!)
I'm just waiting for my La Sardina films to be developed and then I can include the pictures in here!!!!!!!! If you didn't know, I got myself a new lomo camera hurhur. I was pretty impulsive, made the decision in less than 8 minutes but I think it's worth it!

I hope.

Fingers-crossed and pray that the photos will turn out okay, and not blank frames entirely....
Otherwise, I'd be really upset. ALL MY PHUKET PHOTOS WILL BE WASTED!!

Alright anyhoooooo, just wait a little while more because the posts will probably be up next week!!!!
Check in maybe on Thursday? Forgive me if the posts weren't up by that time 'cause I've a couple of shoots and shows coming up, so please please be really understanding yeah!

Love love you guys! Ta!

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