Friday, March 15, 2013


Hiiiiiiiiiiii, I'm back for the LAST Phuket entry!!!

Honestly I am not sure how should I start the last entry. So, I thought of doing some Q&A before the photos, then I realized I don't have many questions, to be exact only 2!!!!!!!!! So... if you have any, just bring them on! Comment below or formspring me yeah? If you're personal friend, just beep me la k haha.

See how pathetic the 2 questions look, but whatever. I'm really out of ideas on how to make this entry look interesting so pardon me. I always start with something, so if I don't for this entry, I will feel weird. At least I try, gimme some credit for that yeah hahaha. 

On day 3, we travelled from Kata Beach to Surin Beach to move to a new hotel. Because Patong was along the way, we stopped over for the facial massage in the open-concept beauty parlor we saw in Day 1! Jerm could not get over it and my friend highly recommended it, so we went ahead to try. It was not bad... but not like wow oh wow. The reason why I chose to stay at two different places instead of staying put in one because I wanna see how the beach and experience might be different yknow.
I drew a map below to show you guys where we stayed (i'm quite free these days so yeah).

Before that, I need to mention a tragedy happened when we were at Patong after our facial. 
I LOST MY PHONE. MY iPhone 5!!!!!! I know I know I'm such a klutz.
Guess when did I realize that? ... when we had already reached our Surin hotel! In the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How blur was I?! I panicked. And thought I might have left it in the cab. So I tried recalling the cab company number and asked the receptionist to maybe google for the number and call. Eventually when I recalled the number (good memory i know), the cab company said they couldn't help since I didn't have the cab plate number. Helllllloooooo be sensitive that I can't read thai!!!!

That's how the plates look like. Even if I remembered the numbers, what about the words before the numbers? They're equally important right? But it's also my fault. Who would think I'd lose my phone? And if so, why would I bother remembering the plate numbers right? 

Since the receptionist seemed like he couldn't help much, on impulse I took a cab back to Patong to hunt that cab driver down. I recognized his tattoo, so I knew what I was going in for. Got off the cab hastily, rushed over to the bunch of taxi drivers and asked them if they knew a guy with such tattoo. Praise the Lord that his tattoo was so obvious and recognizable, after 10minutes of explanation with sign language, weird awkward hand gestures, they knew who I was talking about and

Phew. That was close, man.

Losing phone overseas is definitely one of the scariest experiences ever.

After getting my phone back, we had to travel all the way back to Surin.
Mind you, it's not like it's 15 minutes or what. It's almost an hour with the first tattooed driver.
Thank goodness the second driver was really fast, we could get back to Surin within 35-40minutes.

 Surin was simply breathtaking. 
The sand was finer, smoother and whiter than Kata's.

Because I insisted, Jerm accompanied me for a massage. Thai massage is a must try.
This massage 'parlor', no wait, I wouldn't call it parlor cause there were no walls and I had to take my bra off. A little embarrassing and awkward. I knew Jerm was worried for me. I could feel him watching me from the side and how he looked around to see if there were guys around. #feelsosafe

 Mega love this picture of this happy boy

We then continued to rest in the hotel because the heat was quite unbearable and we were quite exhausted from the whole hunt-the-cab-driver-down chase. The hotel room was really nice. I took pictures using my lomo cam, but they were all blank shots! I had no idea why till today. I asked Shammini what could it be, from all the reasons she deduced, I still don't it make sense. Weird.

Forced Jerm to get off the comfy bed to catch sunset with me.

I was so happy. You have no idea. 

When I looked back at these pictures, I told Jerm I felt very safe and happy seeing him holding my hand like that. I like the feeling of being safe. I think it's one of the most important feelings one can have in a relationship beside all the love, trust, blabla.

Because of my height and being one of the older kids in the family and school, I always assume the role of a protective friend/older sister. Well, I can be childish and fun but I like people to feel safe around me. I do things to make people feel safe they might notice they might not, it's ok.
With Jerm, like this, I like that I can put my guard down and have him protect me instead :')

And then, we splurged on dinner since it's last night. We ordered a lobster which was quite huge and two crabs. The bill was only about $100 or $100plus, so about $50 each! It's freaking cheap!!!!!!!!!


Convinced Jerm to hit the beach instead of lazing in the room or pool area.

The water was really clear. May not be as clear as Maldives, still I was content.

Got changed and ready to leave!

That's all guys.
That's my 4-Day Phuket Trip!

We will miss you, Phuket!
And will be back!!!!!

Till then.


  1. hey what camera/app did you use in the photos you took underwater/at the beach?