Monday, May 20, 2013


Before anything I would like to that I was ashamed of myself. I could have put in more effort for this graduation but I didn't. I honestly wanted to bail, if weren't for my mom. She was just so excited and I understood this could be a milestone for her and decided to let her have her moment and be good instead :')

Few things to note about me:

1. I wasn't those typical girls.

In school, I liked staying in my own comfort zone so I stayed away from unnecessary attention. As geeky as this might sound, I was usually the first few to dash to bus stop the minute class ended cause I loved being home early. I hated the idea of hanging back in school cause I didn't see why expanding social circle was relevant to me then. Rather, I preferred to stay detached from school. I also didn't see why I had to participate in extra-curriculum activities besides for the CCA points. They never seemed to interest me long enough, and I kept quitting the ones I joined. Through the three years in school, I would like to think that I was different, but also average at the same time. As much as I stood out in school, I liked blending in. You get me?

2. I was there to study and nothing else.

I defined my role in school clear enough, which was to study well and make my mom proud. That's it. All other distractions were unnecessary, but that didn't mean I was a hardcore mugger. I just did what was sufficient and relevant to get good grades and played like crazy on the other hand. So, I never bothered catching up with things that's supposedly trendy or cool just to impress. I didn't mind not looking like fashionista in school. I liked feeling comfortable though I thought I could have put in more effort sometimes. Some people were fascinated by my profession, and when they saw me in school, they were probably disappointed cause they might have expected more than just this. 
They have to understand that modeling is a job. And, this is me.

Like what Cameron said, models are just modified by a very professional team to make us look fabulous. People expect models to be glamorous and pretty all the time, but they don't understand we are humans too. This was why juggling school and work was a little hard at first, but I was glad I managed to shun away from all the unhealthy aspects and made it through school.

3. I was selective in making friends.

It's just the way I am. I am cool with acquaintances. I can talk to anyone but I won't talk to everyone.
You will understand this when you know me. I often test the frequency of others before opening up. So I wouldn't say I have a lot of friends in poly because all I need is true friends. I am glad I found a few :')

Got to know these two munchkins from Sports Camp, they made my poly life so much more bearable. We used to hang out almost everyday in year 1 whenever our timetable fit.
Azima is absent in this picture, but we love her so very much too hehe.

Stephanie, someone I knew from Sports Camp & she's my classmate too! 

I'd say I'm truly glad to have been part of Sports Camp. 

Otherwise I wouldn't have known these amazing people.
My awesome awesome classmates. They are true darlings.
We're missing Jamie in the picture.

Funniest Course Manager ever. As much as I don't like him, I love him.
Love-hate relationship, right there. You've to know him personally to understand how someone can be so annoying and lovable at the same time! Gosh! Hahahaha.

The three of us are about the same height and we have the same surname!
So in Year 1, I'd say we had a pretty good time messing with people, leading them to think that we are cousins. The Cousin Tans hehe.

My very first hmm... steady boyfriend :')
I am so happy for him that he's found someone and she looks great.
Last long!!!!!

We promised to attend each other's graduation in Year 3.
And I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Azima's and Syafiq's today.
But lots of love to you guys from home!

Ok, finally I'm done with Poly.
What now?


  1. Hi irina, i just wanna say i love the way you write and how your thoughts are so well put together. This post means alot to me as i too have just graduated and still figuring out what i should do lol. You inspire me in someway :) do write/blog more! I love reading your blog posts. Most sg female bloggers are posting adverts adverts adverts which is bleargh. Thannk god ure actl writing and nt just posting pics etc. Sorry for the long comment lol. Have a good day!

    1. Hello there!!!
      Thank you so much for this. THIS, means a lot to me cause I often afraid I'd bore you guys with my heavy-emotion-invested posts. I'm glad that my posts've helped you in a way or another. We're always learning from each other :-) I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you wanna do soon. Always remember to choose something you're gonna be happy with, something you're passionate about.

  2. Hi i really like your trousers! Do you mind asking where'd you got it from? :)

  3. Hi Irina, you may be thinking that this question is kinda out of the blue yes actually haha, um, I am graduating this year and I wanna know if we HAVE to wear long sleeve top with skirt/pants? Are dresses allowed???

    1. Hello there! It's not a must but you'll look nicer with a collared long sleeve top and a pants. It's fine to wear a dress, you'll just look kinda naked on the stage haha. I think I looked rather naked without a collared top.