Sunday, May 26, 2013


By the way, I've been thinking and I want to move from Blogger to Tumblr for a while.
I wanna try and see how it's like there. So, just bear with me for a few weeks.
If I love it, I'll stay there, else here's home.

I've two tumblr sites.
Meant for random reblogging
Meant for personal use; blogging
I'll see you there alright? ;-)


  1. Hey babe, do you mind if i ask what's your weight? you look really, really skinny. how are you able to stay slim and slender :(

    1. Hello dear! I'm currently at 50kg, trying to gain back few more kilos that I lost during the breakup (not the best way to lose weight, but effective) Just do some workouts! Swim? I heard swimming helps! I'm a jogger, not a swimmer.

    2. Thanks for the lovely help! :)
      Have a great weekend ahead, and stay great! Hope you're doing fine as well! <3


    Hi there lovely! Would really need your help :(
    I've to attend an event and was just wondering would this two look fine when pieced together? And which color should I purchase?
    Sorry for this abrupt comment but cause I'm prettt bad with piecing stuff together and you looked really chic in whatever you wear.
    Hope you'll help me.
    Thanks a lot babe!

    1. Hello dear!!
      When you said two looks, you mean the olive and the white crop top yeah? I'm no expert but here's my opinion:

      1. The material looks rather sheer to me. The lighting managed to reflect so you couldn't really see her bra but the olive one was quite obvious.
      2. If you like crop top, you should get it!! And then maybe you can match it with an outerwear, so that it's not so plain and flashy.

      Hope this helps!! :-)

  3. Hi there!
    Just wondering if you could do a makeup tutorial? Love how natural and beautiful you look !

    1. Hello dear! I'll try but no guarantee, cause I'm never comfortable with videos haha.

  4. hey babe, where did you got that dress from?

    And where do you normally shop from? Your taste is superb! :)

    1. Hello dear! I got it from Asos! I usually shop online either Nastygal, Asos or Korea Gmarket heheheh :-)

  5. hey babe whats ur height!