Monday, May 06, 2013


Please don't tell me that you're sorry for me because I'm honestly okay with the way it is right now and it is important for you to know that I am fine and I do not need your sympathy. C'mon, I'm still young.

So, no sorrys please.


  1. hello irina, i have a set of really ugly bottom teeth, like really beyond repair kind. its not as simple as extraction like i think need surgery (complicated story) and its hurting my ego damn badly. i think you would roughly know how it feels cause you had crooked teeth too? (no offense sorry i really dk how to put it nicely!!!!!) like it restrains me from doing things, literally. i don't like to laugh out loud or talk to new people cause i feel they'll judge me for my teeth, since everyone has straight teeth now. plus my weight and stuff, everything is damaging my self esteem. but i'll be taking A's this year and SIGH. do you think i can ask for partial sponsors.....................suggestions? is your dentist kind. i'm fly desperate this is not a joke :(

    1. Hello!!!

      Though mine wasn't that crooked, I can empathize. I put braces on for other reasons. But my dentist charges me pretty okay. Like it's below market rate! You can try and consult him and see how it goes?

      Google him: Emmanuel Dental Surgery

  2. you don't have to publish my comment, can reply here i guess. i'm the teeth girl, hahaha. take care irina~