Friday, December 20, 2013


(A story about first loves and second chances)

Before I get to the New Zealand entry, just let me talk about this amazing movie I've just finished. Not only I fell in love like 45 times but I bawled my eyes out too. This movie came to me at the most perfect timing. I really needed something to give me a little clarity in this mess that I am in, from someone else's perspective. I am so glad I found Stuck In Love.

Warning: This movie will bring out all the dormant emotions in you and sort of force you to face them (at least in my case, it was so). The movie showcases many relatable feelings and addresses the common human-struggle issues such as loss, betrayal, vulnerability, first love, heartbreak, commitment, trust issues, promises, and of course second chances.

This hit me pretty hard. Constant state of denial. It's true, isn't it? That some people choose to avoid problems. They think, if they don't acknowledge it, then just maybe.... just maybe the problem is not even there at all. Some people choose to run. And that's pretty unfair for people who chase.

I love how in this movie, Lily Collins is so cynical. She makes me feel normal.

"She was hoping to find some piece of you in it"

That. That. I paused the movie at that scene for a while. I absolutely love this part of the movie, for getting what I've been trying to say out in such a simple sentence. It got me thinking how true it is that we look for people in the things that they love. We always try to find out the favourite things of the people we care about, and just maybe we could gather something personal about them we don't know of. Songs, movies, books, anything they love. Why does he/she fancy this? Is there something he felt connected to from there? What about it? etc.

And by the way, I do love tumblr. If there's anything I'd look at just to stalk someone, it'd be Tumblr. I'm pretty confident that through all the reblogged images, I'd understand the mind of the person behind the screen and his/her laced intention in reblogging those. Simply because I am that. Hence I understand. I tend to find myself in snippets of movies, songs and books which happen to describe me well. Then, I would (maybe not so) unconsciously and subtly recommend people to watch, listen and read those things because....... just maybe.... they'd understand why I am the way I am without having me to explain to them. Is that considered a life hack? 

Digressing a little, Hoho showed me this article today. The lady in the story, was married to her husband for 12 years and while she's on a holiday with him, she found out that she's not the only wife he has. Her husband's been with someone else for the past 4 years. 

This news, frightens me. I am actually really scared. How much do we really know about people around us? Everything seems so uncertain these days. I understand that I shouldn't let such small news get to me, and that it's only part of the minority but.... why is this even happening???? Why aren't humans simply suffice with what we already have?

"It just happened." He said earnestly to the wife. That was bullshit. That was crap. That was absolutely uncalled for. I feel so angry for her. How can a man utter words like this, leaving his wife with no exit plans but a dead end. She's left with no choice. 

And then, I watched Stuck In Love. 

Apparently, Stuck In Love taught me that it's okay to give second chances. We have to be brave when it comes to heart affairs. We have to put our heart on the line. Humans wander, and humans get lost once in a while but we'll always find our way back and when we do, that's what second chances are for. Is that true? Applicable for everyone?

Ok, I'm done. Moving on to NZ entry now.


  1. helo irina! can i know whr you watch th movie ? can't seem to find it anywhr . tia!

  2. Perfect. Just.. perfectly put in words that I had to comment. :P

  3. (HAHA I DON'T MEAN TO "STALK" HAHA BUT...) I loved Stuck in Love too! Go watch Before Sunrise (1995), i think you'll love too! and regarding second chances, here's a song that might be applicable: :)

    1. Hi Estelle!!!!!!!! Did you carol ytd?? Oh yes, I did!!! Love all the sequels too!!!! It's one of those rare movies which I think their sequels turn out fine, and still remain fresh.

      Ohhhh I love the song!!! I'm gonna listen to it a few more time to catch the lyrics. Your music taste is pretty close to mine hehehe

    2. :)