Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Had the most amazing weekend with Jeremy, Chik and Natasha some time back when we really needed a getaway from all the.... mundane. Jeremy's a Malaysian so we stayed over at his empty apartment for a night. His mom made all the necessary preparation and cleaned the vacant place for us the few days before we got there (so sweeeeeeeet thanks Mama Chian!!!)

Jeremy didn't look anything like a hipster but all the places he brought us to, proven the inner hipster in him lives strong heh heh heh (+30 Irina points). The first stop was at Roost to have a good lunch. Y'all can Google these places, they're on Tripadvisor so it should be easy getting the location.

After a good meal, we went over to Jeremy's vacant apartment to put our bags and freshen up a little before heading out for more fun. His place was bigggggggggggg. Like.... BIG. Maybe cause my new apartment looks pathetically tiny so everything else seems naturally big in comparison. 

It was waaaay better than going to a hotel, of course. Nat and I shared a room. The boys slept in the hall (though there were 2 more rooms available) with the excuse of protecting us lulz. Or maybe cause we spotted cockroach in one of the rooms earlier on hahaha. But true enough that the place felt a little dodgy and there were a lot of foreign workers walking around the apartment cause the place wasn't entirely ready and construction was still ongoing. It was nice to have the boys around.

After that, the boys dropped us somewhere for a Thai Massage. I forgot the name of the place but I'd urge y'all NOT to go there because it's so commercialized and nowhere near value for money. I realize the staff have the tendency of exploiting customers for more money. And I don't even think it's cheap so.... yeah. They were super half-hearted in giving the service. I forgot the name but always look around before booking a session; check and see if the place is swarmed/relatively crowded by tourists. If yes, don't go.

Later on, we went to the place I'd been DYING to go..... D A N G A  BA Y. Yes, Danga Bay. I'd seen lots of pictures of this beautiful beautiful place and I bugged Jeremy for the longest time to bring me there and he finally did #yesssssssssssssssss

This ride.... felt like a gym session. We pedalled on our own precariously (to get it moving cause it's not operated on engine/battery/electricity) one big round around the park and yeah. That's about it. Nat and I were saying how we're glad that we're of approx. the same weight cause we'd really topple over if one happened to be a lot heavier than the other. After we got down, we stretched in public cause we didn't wanna get muscle cramps hahahaha. Probably the only ones that did that hahahaha, simply goes to show how long we hadn't worked out uh, Nat /guilty/

FYI the rides were pretty expensive. About RM10/$4plus for one? I was expecting something like RM5?
Biggest chicken both Nat and I'd ever seen in our lives. We were acting like total city girls; spamming photos of the chicken and asked if it's one of the prize we could claim /facepalm/  For a moment, I forgot the fact that I grew up chasing chickens in Malaysia. Sigh, how Singapore's changed me haha.
SHE WAS THE PRETTIEST LITTLE GIRL I'VE EVER SEEN. This photo obviously didn't do her much justice! She's so so soooooo pretty. At one point, she came close to me and I thought, "hey this is an opportunity to get a photo" so I squatted beside her. Aaaaaaaaaand.... she ended up running away and Jeremy managed to get a photo of me miserable.

After a really good time at Danga Bay, we went over to a bar to chill. It was something Eight. I forgot what's the exact name but the ambience was really nice. Jeremy, Chik and Natasha were the perfect company to talk about anything under the stars that night. I didn't think we would sit there for so long since I don't drink. We spoke about so many random topics in life. It was satisfyingly fulfilling. 

Later on, we were on a mission to see some trannies so Jeremy brought us to the usual sighting spots but it turned out that they didn't really bother us. We figured they wouldn't cause we (girls) were around in the car. Trannies would be smart enough to not approach cars with girls, isn't it? So yeah I was rather disappointed cause I was expecting some fun watching them doing their thing but there was nothing to see. And yeah, our night ended at about 3 plus? And our next morning started at about 10plus 11. 

Had a really good breakfast, ban mian. I'd been craving for Malaysia's ban mian for the longest time everrrrrr. Though it wasn't the best, it was sufficient :')  We planned to head back to SG when the traffic was estimated to be better at around 430PM? Since we had a lot more time to kill, Jeremy brought us to Kafe Sport. It was a reaaaally awesome hang out place. It's so hidden, I'm once again impressed.

And so yeah, that's about it.

Thank you Jeremy for being such a wonderful host and always allowing myself to be me, the comfortable dorky me around you. I can't wait for JB Round 2 already heh heh heh!!! 
Stress?? See you real soon, buddy ;-)


  1. May I please please know where you bought the sweater,the white eyelet blouse and the shoes from?
    I've been trying to find these but unfortunately to no avail :(
    Thanks so so much!


    1. Sweater - Topshop, Eyelet Blouse - Runwaybandits.com, sneakers - Keds (Robinsons) :-)

  2. Hi, can I know where you got your black sling bag from? I really like it and hope you could share!