Monday, January 07, 2013


I was reading TC, and I came across this post where it explains how we might be the 'lame' friend among our friends. Curious to know cause I'm bored at well, I read through it and agree that I am THE lame friend among my friends and I don't think I'm shy to admit.

Read through the below, and maybe we might be in the same boat yeah. And if we do, don't feel too bad about it, I honestly think it's all cool. I am actually kinda glad that I'm over the Oh-Yeah-Let's-Party-Every-Night kind of phase. It's... tiring.

Nowadays, I'd really love to just scramble into bed early, and snuggle whoever/whatever i.e my bolster or boyfriend.... really how bolster came first, and then sleep early. I know, no life. But, I no longer see clubbing as fun anymore. Nowadays the club I frequent, is filled with guys younger than me! How's that fun? They're like 17.... 18?.... The girls 16??? They make me feel old and miserable, so I rather stay home.

But if my boyfriend wanna go, I have no qualms. Just go, don't come back dead drunk and it's all good.

Boo hoo, I'm such a boring person yeah.

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