Tuesday, January 29, 2013



How are you guys doing??? Hope your weekend's been awesome!
I'm feeling so much better nowadays, more lively and upbeat now!

Cause I've a lot of things to look forward to!!!!!!!!!


My internship is ending in exactly 10 days time (countdown starts now!). It's gonna be a pity cause I really like some of the people in this company. They're really really fun people to be with. Though I haven't figured out what I am gonna do yet, I believe things will work out just fine. I will let my heart take me to wherever I meant to be. I've been okay since primary school transitory, secondary school transitory, I think I will be okay now as well. So I shouldn't fret so much. Thank you so much to all those who've been showing support and showering love, you guys'll be blessed eternally! :-)


CNY to kids, youngsters and those who are not married means extra income!!!! $$$$ Also, not forgetting all the new clothes we get to wear. Honestly, CNY hasn't felt like CNY ever since my grandpa passed away. It just feels different. This year CNY will be different since my granny is now the most elder in the family tree, relatives will be visiting us instead. We won't be going anywhere, which is convenient but can be quite boring too... Wear nice nice, then stay home. Whuuuuut.

I miss CNY in Malaysia. It's really a lot better. Malaysians who are reading this, I envy you! 


This definitely not something that I look forward to, but why I put this in, is because it kinda marks the official end of my internship and that would make me reaaaaally happy. So I decided to plonk this in here though it's a misfit haha.


WOOHOO. Celebrated last year with Jeremy, and I'm excited what this year would be like. I know guys would definitely stress a lot about this but hey, not all girls fancy those high-end restaurants, big flowers, fancy ride etc. Well, at least not me. I really like spontaneous and simple thing. I always remind Jeremy, "Remember you don't have to spend a lot just to have fun." And recently, I think he got what I meant ;-)

What am I gonna do? Hehe. No idea yet, but you'll know when the date arrives. 
Check my updates on Instagram cause I'll definitely blog so so much later haha.


Yes guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I am finally going to Phuket. I've been hearing so many beautiful (and some creepy) stories about this place and finally I'm gonna witness it with my very own eyes. I can't wait to step foot on the island, touch the sand, feel the breeze, soak in the sea.... I'm just to excited!!!!!!

I really hope Phuket will be up to my expectation. Else, it'll be a huge disappointment since I'm looking forward to it so so much!!!!!!!!!


It is happening again!!!!!!!!!! Zouk's Members Party has always been phenomenal an crazy fun. So this year i doubt it will be an exception, yesssssssss!!!! Last year, the theme was circus and though I was mad drunk and cranky then, I remember how brilliant the set up and everything was. This year's candy land, I am ready to have my mind blown!!! Woohoo. Free boooooozeeeeee~

And guests are allowed to bring a plus one to members' party!
This year, I'm so happy that my plus one will be Jeremy ^^


More more more, because my wanderlust will never end.

Okay that's all for this post. Tata!!!!!!

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