Thursday, January 03, 2013


Intend to wear my anorak out to match Jerm's attire, but he got paranoid about how he looked
and thought how he had no confidence to leave the house and decided to change, I took it off too
and put on my normal black cardi. This is such an unnecessary piece of info, but whatever haha.

It started off really great. We were excited about the day... till it started pouring so heavily.
We had to cancel the plans and only managed to get one of the checklist.
I did something I've wanted to do for very long: visit Salvation Army's store.
Thank you boyfriend for being so sporting and accommodating, I know you weren't excited about going there and didn't get why I wanted to go so badly... still you gave in and went with me.
If you are wondering, I don't have any reasons in particular to why I want to visit so badly, just that it has been sitting on my to-do list and I just want it off so badly and I would feel fulfilled that way.

We left Salvation Army after awhile. Braved through the heavy downpour and decided to head home first before going ahead with other plans. We got comfortable at home and didn't leave until 8plus. Went on to meet Trey who's leaving to New Z. for uni studies, and the rest at Timbre for countdown.

Met up with the rest of the fun bunch. Always very thankful to have Trey staying near me to give me a ride every now and then to meet up with the rest. After being late and missed my BTT (Basic Theory Test) appointment, I can't be bothered to book another. So, I won't be driving anytime soon I guess... 

That's actually the snow spray.... but the 'flakes' looked odd in the pictures.
More like mini snowstorm man.

Absolutely adore this picture. I always feel so safe and secure in his arms.
Whenever he draws me close and holds me tight, I would retreat into this very 'mmmm' state.
I can't find a perfect adjective to fill that, but it is along being zen, safe, bliss, and very in love hehehe.

We wish you a great and happy new year!
May joy and love fill you everyday in 2013!!!!

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