Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's such a bad day at work today. Actually no, for the week.
Though it's only Tuesday, it felt like forever.

There's so much to complain about and I really wanna just suck it all up instead of complaining right now, but I honestly can't. The truth is I'm so sick of humans and the society.
That, I guess includes myself.

I've been thinking a lot recently and the few below really bother me more than anything else:

1. People who forget their roots
Hey you were once lost, remember? And it wouldn't kill if you extend a helping hand to those who need it (quite badly) right now cause you probably needed help from someone before too. So why not be nice and make a difference? The only reason I could come up with to why you're being helpful is... you didn't manage to get the help you needed. No one helped you, and you feel bitter about it and think that learning curve will be maximized and stretched if I go through those awful ways too.

Yes, you're truly amazing for being able to find a way out YOURSELF in that maze. Amazing, you are. And because of what you've learnt in that process, you probably want teach the young ones, how to be independent and how to find a way on our own. But guess what? There's limit to everything. 

One should never forget their roots even though they're high and up all the way in the career ladder. Be a true role model. If everyone's gonna be mean and not help one another, then yeah... the world would be suuuuuch a better place to be in, isn't it?

Be a leader people love and look up to, not a leader people want to avoid.

2. I'm nice
Yes, I said it! I'm nice. I really think I am a generally nice person. I have never rejected anyone who came to me for help, being asking questions regarding certain issues, or discussing problems, confiding in me etc. I would go an extra mile for them if I have to, man! So, if this is karma, I'd say they found the wrong person. 

Cause I don't think I deserve this amount of shit right now. People, don't make me mean. Adults are generally meaner because they've seen too many ugly things to be nice and I don't wanna age grumpily.

3. Work performance
Ain't fantastic at all... ain't fantastic at all.

Been feeling really lost recently, am just so swarmed and clouded by all the unnecessary thoughts. I feel bad that I can't just box them up and deal with them later but to just let them get in my way. I just sometimes, I just want to be really selfish and not give a shit which I fail quite badly cause if I succeed, I wouldn't be complaining right now. 

Okay, back to what I want to rant. Another thing I don't appreciate from people: Just because you get through something doesn't mean IT'S EASY!!!! Lemme expand that, the above simply refers to people or anyone who finished with their O' Level or any kind of huge examination and will have the tendency to tell the younger ones, "Don't worry man, it's chicken feet!" or "It's really easy! Close your eyes also can pass!"

Well, guess what you smart aleck? Remember when you were in his/her shoes, you were probably freaking out too??!! So don't pull on a Oh-it's-easy shit just because you're over with that phase! Now I'm at a very crucial crossroad, IT'S NOT EASY OK. You may have gotten your life sorted out pretty fast and quickly, but I don't. Don't give me anymore shit, I've enough. Don't tell me how this transition could be easy cause nothing's easy, so stop saying shit like that.

I hate my work performance has to suffer like that.

4. Advertising?
Seriously? I'm so sick of the human uglies I've been seeing over these few months. 

I, get affected quite a bit by stains. By stain, I'm referring to all the negativity in things or people, not the literal stain, just in case you got confused. I am bad at focusing on the beauty and what's good once there's a stain that affects my work progress/attitude etc. I'll just keep looking at that stain. 

I am not that kind who looks at the cup being half full, or count my blessing kind of girl. I am the girl who look at other things. Something that affects me directly. "Why not enough water, I'm thirsty"

Advertising, I don't think I can do that for the rest of my life if what I've been doing is true advertising. I'll go bonkers, not by the work but by people, by adulthood... 

5. Somber
Today, my colleague said 'You're always somber.'

Wait, what does that mean? You don't know me, man.
I've been better before, really.

Most important of all, the takeaway message: 

Be a human and stay true to your roots. 

Never forget how you were. What you've gone through, and help others so they don't have to suffer like you too. Think about how you would like your children/family members to be treated and be nicer to others yeah, that I believe won't hurt your pride or reputation much yeah.

K, end of rant. Bye.

If you read through all that, you're such a friend.
You earn yourself 50 Irina points. Have a nice week ahead!!!! :-)


  1. Hey Irina, just want to tell you, continue preserving no matter how hard it seems. I may not have gone through advertising, but I'm also in the arts sector, and I know how ugly things can get. I want to apologise if this comment sounds ignorant, like 'it's easy for you to say continue preserving' but I want to reassure you that you'll emerge out as a stronger person. I believe in you. :)
    I'm just a reader, and have also experience how ugly things can get, so I hope this comment will be a motivating factor for you to get through the week. :) Do take care, and here's wishing you a better week ahead. :)

    1. Hey there!

      Thanks for being such an angel to drop me this message. No, you didn't come off like that, don't worry :-) you're in a totally different league from them.

      I'd definitely be stronger. You probably have, from all the nasty experiences. I just think that these are pretty unnecessary for growth yknow. Otherwise, school would have put children through nasty lessons if that would maximize learning curve right? It's just my opinion. Nevermind.

      Anyhoooooo, once again. Thank you so so much. Have a blessed week ahead :-)